Earthday 2021 – Madebymanda4u

Earthday 2021

This Earthday I was invited to donate a raffle prize, raising funds for friends of the earth.

I chose my sea turtle soap dish, this to me represents my pottery and what thIs amazing planet we live on means to me.
Soap Dish
Not only is it practical and keeps your soap bar dry but it can help reduce microplastics in our environment by encouraging people to use solid soap instead of liquid soap in single use plastic bottle.

🌍🐢Lets make the world a better place the sea turtles don't need to swim in this mess we have made.

Plastic in the sea

 21 makers raised £355 for charity

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Charity Raffle

 As well as being involved in the charity raffle I wanted to do something for Surfers Against Sewage who campaign to clean up the sea

So I made this awesome 15oz mug, I don't usually make mugs  as you can buy a great mug in lots of places I donated the proceeds to S.A.S.
Donation Snippet