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How Im Made - Toothbrush Pot

Making something round from a slab of clay is not easy.  Some wheel thrown items look so good they could be mass produced in a factory. I love the honesty of handbuilding, thier are clues to how it's made In the marks left In  the finished piece.

How I'm made - cups

  1. Roll out a slab of clay in every direction possible, clay has a memory so if you don't it will pull out of shape as it dries.
  2. Cut out shapes from templates. 
  3. Wait until clay has some stiffness so it can be handled,  add surface decoration. Score and add wet clay to edges to be joined, carefully assemble without damaging decoration. 
  4. When clay is leather hard add a footring and tidy up any messy bits. 
  5. Leave to dry out, this could be an hour in the summer or two weeks in the winter as I don't have a drying room.
  6. In the kiln to totally remove all water.
  7. Sand and rough surfaces
  8. Sponge off all dust
  9. Paint on three coats of glaze.
  10. In the kiln again, hotter this time to fuse the glaze to the clay.  Chemical changes make a different material, it's now solid dense stoneware.
  11. Finished and ready to post to you.