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Soap dish, in emerald green handmade with optional tumbler and tray

Soap dish, in emerald green handmade with optional tumbler and tray

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I love the smell of solid soap bars, don't you?  They make your bathroom smell fantastic. 

The plastic single use liquid soap dispensers are bad for the environment  so you can help the sea turtles swim in less micro plastics by using soap dishes.

This beautifully made soap dish and matching toothbrush holder, is sure to get your guests talking.

Tumbler has a drainage hole, perfect for toothbrushes, not made on a wheel, so full of handmade character.

Soap dish has feet for stability and a drain hole to keep your bar from going squishy.

Thier is a lot of colour variations in different light settings with the colour.


Soap dish 8x10cm tumbler 11cm tall
Tray 22x10cm soap dish

Material used

General Information

Made by using hands and a rolling pin giving it a rustic charm, no item will be round or straight the imperfections make it unique.

I hope you enjoy the simplicity and honesty of each piece mixed with textures and chunkiness. Clay is an amazing material and has so many stages from wet and slimy to stiff and form building, and fires into a different material all together when all the water is removed.

Clay Types

I work with two types of clay, Earthenware is a low fire clay and remains porous having the advantage of brighter colors over Stoneware Clay, it can be made waterproof by adding a glaze on top.

Stoneware is a very solid durable material a less likely to break, it’s also waterproof even without a glaze and dishwasher proof.

Planet Friendly

Your product will be dispatched in low impact packaging, I'm very conscious of what materials I use and either use recyclable, biodegradable or sometimes you will find reused packing materials. I hope that you can re-use it too.

Please read F.A.Q page for more details on postage and more product information.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this far you can follow my journey and get news on the latest makes on Instagram.

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