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Mini Journal Notebook - Handmade with green fern ceramic tile covers 2x3inch

Mini Journal Notebook - Handmade with green fern ceramic tile covers 2x3inch

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Everyone is different a truly unique gift for someone or may be yourself.  80 pages of cartridge paper suitable for watercolors, pens, pencils, ink.

The spine is decorated with water lilies and the cove features a green fern 


Happy doodling 😊


You can watch a demo of the book here





These little ceramic tile books are totally unique and made by hand, although they are small they are as labour intensive as a large book, this is reflected in the price.

The stoneware clay is rolled out and stamped with a design and left to dry for two weeks before firing in the kiln, its then sanded cleaned and glazed before going in the kiln a second time.

Then the fun begins, I have always enjoyed paper crafts so this is a relaxing way to spend the evening. The paper is cut and folded and creased individually so they lie flatter. 40 times for a little book.

The papers are gathered into 5 signatures of 5 sheets gives 50 pages to draw on. Each signature is then sewn to the ceramic tiles using coptic stitch which allows the book to lie flat.

Finally, the inserts are added in the front and back covers and the book is left under some pressure to help it settle into shape.


7 x 5 cm or 2 x 3 inch

Material used

General Information

Made by using hands and a rolling pin giving it a rustic charm, no item will be round or straight the imperfections make it unique.

I hope you enjoy the simplicity and honesty of each piece mixed with textures and chunkiness. Clay is an amazing material and has so many stages from wet and slimy to stiff and form building, and fires into a different material all together when all the water is removed.

Clay Types

I work with two types of clay, Earthenware is a low fire clay and remains porous having the advantage of brighter colors over Stoneware Clay, it can be made waterproof by adding a glaze on top.

Stoneware is a very solid durable material a less likely to break, it’s also waterproof even without a glaze and dishwasher proof.

Planet Friendly

Your product will be dispatched in low impact packaging, I'm very conscious of what materials I use and either use recyclable, biodegradable or sometimes you will find reused packing materials. I hope that you can re-use it too.

Please read F.A.Q page for more details on postage and more product information.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this far you can follow my journey and get news on the latest makes on Instagram.

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